Who are we and what is Semilla?



Firstly we would like to introduce ourselves, we are an English/Danish couple called Tom and Emma, who over a year ago decided to go and live on a beautiful remote piece of land in the Alpujarras, in southern Spain. The reason for this was to try and live in a more harmonious way with nature. Over the past year we have worked on our piece of land and turned it into our little paradise. We live a very simple life, living in a Mongolian yurt, building from natural and second hand materials, growing food, practising permaculture and yoga. We met each other at a mindfulness community in Thailand, and this is something that we both feel passionate about and we try and incorporate it into the way we live. We have named our land Semilla (meaning seed in Spanish) as we believe when we started this project we were planting a seed that over time has grown into something very beautiful.







There is a lot to be said for ‘getting away from it all’ and that’s exactly what you can do when you come here. Our land is tucked away in a picturesque valley, that is surrounded by olive and almond trees with a beautiful view of the Siera Nevada mountain range. You can forget time and slip into a world of relaxation. The simplicity of life here allows you to feel calm and grounded and we truly believe that the place itself has a wonderfully positive effect on everybody who comes to visit.