For me yoga sometimes become a battle with my ego. And today I want to share a story about something that happened yesterday, when my ego won, and my body had to pay the price. So… I have practiced yoga for a fair few years. I am a yoga teacher. I have a strong and […]

Like most people I have my insecurities, and over time I have discovered that even the people who seem the most confident can quite often be the most insecure. I have been pondering for some time now, what makes us insecure? Living the life we do, being so remote, not having lots of social interaction […]

I love dogs. I always have. When I was a kid I begged my parents for a dog for a long time and when I was 10 my parents finally agreed. We had dogs in my childhood home ever since. When I moved out of my parents home I spend a lot of time travelling, […]

Abandon ship

My sister has just started reading our blog and has told me I should write about the night under the bridge. Because she found the story funny, much to my expense. So I will regale the tale. . . It was our first winter on the land and things were going great. The weather was […]


I was recently asked to write a few words for the permaculture association about my relationship to permaculture. This is what I came up with How I came across permaculture I didn’t find permaculture, it found me. I was busy with my gardening business, when my friend introduced me to it. I have to be […]

Healing Nature

About 3 years ago I quit my job and went travelling. In a mindfulness community in northern Thailand I met Tom and from then on my journey was shared with him. Nearly 2 years ago we found ourselves a bit of earth to call home, and since then we have not travelled much, but the […]

Letting go

Recently Emma has been nagging at me to make bigger shoe rack. The first one I made I just chucked some bits of wood together and it did the job. But now we have all our winter shoes and boots hanging around in the door way. I have been putting off making a new one […]

Yurt life

What is a yurt? A yurt or a ger is a traditional Mongolian tent. The Mongolian nomads have lived in yurts for hundres of years, transporting their whole homes on the back of horses when they moved their herds of grasing animals between summer and winter pastures. And they still do. How to get a […]

The first time i joined a yoga class i was 18 years old. My friend had convinced me to come along with her. Honestly I don’t know what i expected. Maybe some highly spiritual woman doing all sorts of complicated shapes with her body, while exotic music played in the background. This was far from […]