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A sound therapy session with Tom

Each session will be unique there is no set time but will be roughly around an hour. The session takes place in a quite place. You will be lying down with the bowls spread out around your body, each bowl at a different chakra point. The first session will be chakra clearing to unlock any unbalances within. Then the next session will be a chakra balancing. After the sessions you will have time to relax.


A little history of the bowls

To this day the singing bowls are still surrounded in mystery. It is believed that they were used by the shamanistic Bon religion, thought to pre date Buddhism as far back as 2400bc. However, the bowls had always been hidden away in temples and their use remained a secret by the monks and lamas. It wasn’t until the Chinese invasion of Tibet that the monks had to flee the temples and this led to the bowls gradual appearance across India and Nepal and later to the west. along with their mysterious healing properties.

Although the bowls are believed to have several purposes, it is widely accepted that in all world traditions creating sound has been a fundamental part our human existence. And then powerful use of sound is thought to be the secret behind the bowls. In the west we are now becoming more aware of the benefits of eastern practises such as, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and meditation. We are also understanding the healing benefits of sound, spiritually and scientifically.


How the bowls work

The singing bowls work in a number of different ways. Firstly we can look at how the unique tones created by each individual bowl emit different frequencies of sound. Everything we say and do is regulated by 5 different frequencies by the brain. BETA, ALPHA, THETA and DELTA. For example BETA is our awake normal alert consciousness. The singing bowls can help us move into different rages of frequencies in particular the THETA. This frequency is the state of deep relaxation 4-8hz. This is the frequency we try to reach in meditation. It is said to help with stress, anxiety, your recall and creative thinking, to better synchronise the two hemispheres of the brain, and also reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins.

If we understand that sound is vibration and we know that vibration can be felt without being herd, we can begin to see how this can have a positive effect for our bodies. If you imagine how a stone hits the water and the rippling affect it has across a lake. This is similar to what is going on in your body when we absorb sound. This is easier to understand when we realise our bodies are made up of around 60% water and 100% of us is just vibrating atoms. So naturally sound can have an incredible affect on us.


The chakras

The chakras are an Indian system of understanding our physical and non physical beings. Throughout our bodies lie a network of of energy centres and channels called the chakras, each attached to different organs and deeper aspects of our selves.

It can be said that illness is a manifestation of dis-harmony within the body—an imbalance in the cells or chakras. All parts of the body possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ, or other part of the body, is vibrating non-harmoniously, it can manifest in illness. When we absorb the sound of the singing bowls the vibrations impact our nervous system engaging our relaxation reflex. This allows the vibrations to correct frequencies and balance our chakras back to their normal state. A body is in a healthy state when each cell and each organ resonate in harmony with the whole being.


How I discovered sound therapy.

I have always been a big lover of music. It has intrigued me how it can affect your mood, make you happy, sad, give you energy, and even physically affect your body with goose pimples. But it wasn’t till I started going to reggae & dub nights with huge speakers pumping out base that I felt sound in a totally new way. It vibrated through my entire being and always left me feeling incredible, like I had been cleansed. It was then when I started to understood the healing affects of sound on the body.

So while travelling I was becoming aware of many different types of healing, all very different to the western outlook on health. In Nepal I came across singing bowls, I had seen them before but never really new anything about them. The beautiful sound they emitted intrigued me so I started to find out more about them and found a teacher. A Nepalese master sound therapist who was taught by his grandfather how to use the singing bowls. There were no handouts no pdf’s to down load or exams. Just him and his scrap book teaching us exactly how his grandfather had taught him when he was a boy. After several days of training I new this was for me, and I wanted to share this experience with others. So I decided to purchase a set of seven singing bowls and bring them back with me to begin my own healing journey.