Semilla founders, Tom and Emma



Hello I am Tom, I’m originally from England where I studied design at university, this gave me the grounding for my hands on approach to problem solving. I have always loved the outdoors and after university I then started working for several landscape gardening companies. My passion for gardening increased and after a few years, I decided to start my own gardening business. This gave me the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with customers and create gardens that suited their needs.


While working as a gardener I was introduced to permaculture and found that it very much supported my interest in design and my love for gardening. I became so inspired that I wanted to really bring all these things together and put them into practice. So the answer was to get a piece of land to live on and really put permaculture to the test. I have a very hands on approach to learning and feel the best way to learn and to teach is by doing, so while you are on site you will not only get to learn about permaculture you’ll also take part in it too.


Hi I am Emma, I’m originally from Denmark, and I am the yoga teacher here at Semilla. I have practised yoga since 2010. Throughout the years my passion for yoga has grown both physically and spiritually, and in  2016 I took the step in doing my yoga teacher training. For me yoga is about much more than doing postures on a mat. It is a form of meditation. In hatha yoga (postural yoga) you focus on the breath and on sending the awareness into the body. Through this you get a chance to still the mind and “check in” and notice how you are. This makes you become more equipped to care for yourself and the people around you. 


Yoga means unity or oneness which in spiritual terms means union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. On a more practical level yoga can be understood as a balancing of mind body and emotions. It may sound complicated, or difficult, but it does not have to be. Yoga is easy to implement into everyday life and I would like to share with you how you can create a life where yoga is a part of your everyday experience.


Collaboration partners:

The Semilla Team is happy to announce that from spring of 2018 we will be opening our doors to collaboration partners. This means that we will be able to offer a much greater variety of courses and retreats. Keep an eye on this page as we will be revealing more in the weeks to come.





Sophie Serex

Sophie is a yoga teacher, raw food chef, yoga center owner and crystal massage therapist. She will be co-hosting a retreat with us from 1st – 4th of June 201

Check out her website to learn more about her here:




Cheryl Sidwell

Cheryl has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and teaching yoga for 6 years. She studied Integrative Yoga Therapy with Joseph LePage at Kripalu School of Yoga in Massachusetts, and is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a yoga therapist. She specializes in functional movement for the aging body, yoga for trauma and yoga for cancer. She is also a Western herbalist using wild plants both as food and medicine. She was taught by Leenie Hobbie and Jeanne Rose. Cheryl is also a Reiki Master and uses yoga, meditation, Reiki, and connection with the natural world to help those who seek to participate in their own journey towards wellness.


She will be with us from 4th – 8th of October 2018 for a retreat on yoga, permaculture and ayurveda.


Learn more about Cheryl on her website:




Ursula Behrle

Ursula is a raw food coach, she will be joining us from 27th of October – 3rd of November 2018 for a Raw food & Yoga Retreat. More information coming soon.

You can learn more about Ursula here:



We are currently in the process of setting dates with more collaboration partners, so keep an eye on this page to see what else will be on the program  for 2018



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