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Review: Semilla Yoga & Permaculture, Spain

Rebecca, May 2016 (camping holiday) uk

A place like no other that I have ever seen, the beauty of this place goes beyond description.

Its so rare in  this day and age to find a place so removed from all the nonsense of the modern world, I will go away feeling re grounded and reminded about what is truly important.

The love you have both put into this mountain radiates from it and its energy will be shared with anyone who comes to visit.

Thankyou for the most amazing stay.



Lara, November 2016 (camping holiday) uk

This home in the mountains you have created is truly a place of beauty, peace and love.

Every little detail has been made with great thought and personality. You are so inspiring and this place really is proof that with a lot of hard work, dreams really can come true.

Cant wait to come back.



Kelly, April 2017 (yoga retreat) uk

I can deffo say I have never felt so chilled, relaxed and so full of awesome, scrummy food.

The yoga classes were a perfect re introduction to yoga. I now feel confident to go home and practice on my own, and will! Thank you Emma, you are super inspiring and have the perfect voice to teach yoga 🙂

Yoga mountain has it all:- frickin awesome view, hosts with the mosts, well behaved yoga dog, wine and choc, community spirit in bundles.

Thanks Tom Emma and Daisy, best week ever!


Anita, April 2017 (yoga retreat) uk

I’ve had such an incredible week, in the most beautiful setting with an amazing group of people, your home has enabled me to fully switch off, relax and develop a yoga practice I can take home and integrate into my everyday life.

Cant wait to come back.



Sidsel, April 2017 (yoga & permaculture retreat) Denmark

This trip has been so wonderful and inspiring, it is a trip I really needed to get away from the stressful life in Copenhagen and be in nature.

There is a magical atmosphere here, with a combination of yoga, meditation and nature, I really have been able to be in the moment.

I am definitely coming back and recommend this place to all my friends


Magda, April 2017 (yoga & permaculture retreat) Scotland / Poland

Slightly sceptical about staying with freaky hippies on my way here, but since day one I’ve felt like you were my friends and I think you’re awesome.

The permaculture classes blew my mind and I feel super inspired and want to put all the things we learnt into action when I get back to Glasgow.

Thanks for the most awesome 7 day all inclusive holiday, I’ll definitely come back next year.



Bodil & Marianne, March 2017 (yoga & permaculture retreat) Norway

It is so nice to be back, it has been lovely to spend six days here, the lessons, the teachings, the food,

and accommodation has all been harmony like honey and milk. Thank you for taking such good care of us, you have been so kind.

It will be exciting to see how you take care of the land over the coming years. You have no idea of how much you have inspired me.

Love you both.



Drew and Claire, May 2016 (camping holiday) uk

We escaped the uk for a short holiday,

To de stress and unwind all our worries away

We are seeking inspiration with no expectation

What we found was beyond our imagination

thanks Tom and Emma for a magical stay.



Nik, December 2015 (camping holiday) uk

A very nice week spent on the mountain, been super chilled but very outgoing! I have been upstream ,downstream and survived the most adventures hikes. We took two trips to veleta ski resort for some extreme snowboarding.

Gonna miss the mornings sipping tea and looking down at this sweet valley, tear drops from my eye.

In the voice of Arnie ILL BE BACK!